As we enter a new decade, research conducted by the National Landlord Investment Show points to an upward, positive trajectory for interest in the UK’s buy-to-let market by existing and prospective landlords.

Research found over half (60 per cent) of UK landlords and property investors who attend the UK’s leading buy-to-let exhibition show are looking to invest in 2020, among some other interesting insights.

Landlords maintain positive outlook for 2020

The National Landlord Investment Show is the UK’s leading landlord and property exhibition show, which allows thousands of landlords and investors to connect with a large number of professionals within the property industry.

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We can all agree that the past couple of years has been clouded by a period of political chaos and uncertainty, with the backdrop of Brexit. Yet despite this, the research suggests UK landlords are looking ahead this year with a positive and vigorous outlook about their current and future position within the UK’s buy-to-let market.

Whilst the overarching narrative presented about the future position of UK landlords has been one that is negative, often dwelling on ‘regrets’ of landlords due to high regulations of the private rental market and uncertainties of the UK buy-to-let market within a post-Brexit context, this new research says different.

The research found that over half (60 per cent) of UK landlords and property investors are not looking to exit the market any time soon and are in fact doing the exact opposite, by actively searching for opportunities to grow their portfolios for the future.

Most landlords invest as part of pension plans

A growing theme, when looking ahead to the future for UK landlords and property investors, is that over half (54 per cent) expressed they are making investments into property to plan for a pension whilst 27 per cent admit they are landlords and property investors, to build for their children’s future.

Out of the 60 per cent of UK landlords and property investors who are looking to invest in 2020, nearly three quarters (71 per cent) have expressed a preference to invest in residential property. Furthermore, 20 per cent are hoping the 2020 shows will help them in their search for investment opportunities.

The findings further present a detailed insight into the portfolios of UK landlords and investors attending the show, with 75 per cent indicating they do not own their properties within a limited company.

Additionally, an increasing number of UK landlords and investors are showing an interest in commercial as well as residential investment opportunities, with 23 per cent now confirming they own commercial properties in their portfolio.

Exciting times for the industry

Tracey Hanbury, Director and Co-Founder of The National Landlord Investment Show shares her thoughts on the research findings, saying:

“What this research has shown is that, contrary to other opinions within the industry, there are exciting times ahead for UK landlords and property professionals. There is no better time than now to engage and stay up to date with the UK’s buy-to-let market at our Landlord Investment Show.”

The National Landlord Investment Show, Thursday 19th March – Olympia London – Join the debate “How will the budget impact UK Landlords in 2020” chaired by Andrew Neil and featuring Michael Portillo and many other guests. In addition meet 100+ exhibitors, 45 seminars plus much more.

If you would like to find out more about the National Landlord Investment Show or wish to attend their 70th show to date, on 19th March 2020 at London Olympia Conference Centre, admission is free.

All you need do is register on the National Landlord Investment Show website.

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