In the midst of yet more Brexit bickering and blunderbuss in Commons, we thought it would be a great time to look at the latest results of the MT Finance Property Investor Survey.

The survey takes place quarterly to keep a finger on the pulse of investor sentiment with regards to the UK property market. In this quarter’s poll, the questions revolved around all things Boris, Brexit and their effect on the UK property market.

Of the 111 investors questioned, there was a majority sentiment that a “no-deal” exit will be the eventual outcome. With over three quarter (76%) of those asked feeling that no amount of debate or amendments could prevent the UK crashing out without a deal.

Alan Boswell – MPU

Regardless of their no-deal feeling, 81% of the investors questioned felt that this outcome would not negatively impact the UK property market, and it would in fact bounce back- indicating a buoyant mood that prices would be boosted.

The MT Finance survey then polled investor sentiment towards Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his stance on the property market, whether they thought it would be a priority for him and if the promises made would be kept.

In a straight question on whether or not Johnson would see the UK property market as a priority post-Brexit, with a result that nearly mirrored the ’16 Brexit vote, a narrow margin of 58% did not believe that he would make the property market a priority.

In recent times, Mr Johnson had made pledges with regards to the future of stamp duty, but this may come under question following the Treasury’s claim that stamp duty income had fallen more than in 10 years. With that in mind, 60% of polled investors felt that he would not deliver on this proposal.

Finally, investors were given the opportunity to have their say on key issues they think should be addressed. They felt that planning laws (59%) and tax relief cuts (30%) were the biggest issues they would like the PM to tackle.

With many more twists and turns to come in the Brexit debate, including the possibility of a general election, the fate of the UK property market is still in the balance. But although there are key issues to resolve including trading agreements and tariffs, as the survey highlights- investors remain positive that the market will make a bounce-back regardless of the outcome.

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Gareth Lewis
Gareth Lewis is Commercial Director at MT Finance. A leading property finance lender specialising in short term loans, including auction finance and bridging loans. Their reputation in the market excels for delivering fit-for-purpose short-term loans at speed, and their approach to lending is something they have been consistently recognised for within the financial services industry.

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