New research reveals which major UK cities are home to the most valuable property markets based on the cumulative value of housing stock in the current market landscape.

Data was analysed on the value of each city based on the total number of properties found there and the current average price of a home, to reveal the total worth of each city’s bricks and mortar portfolio.

While London has lagged behind the rest of the UK where pandemic house price appreciation is concerned, the capital remains, unsurprisingly, by far the most valuable city in the UK.

Vincent Burch – MPU

With a huge 3.6 million homes found across the capital it’s not only home to the largest property market, but it remains the most expensive with the average home now costing £516,000.

As a result, the total value of London’s property market currently stands at an eye watering £1.9 trillion.

The UK’s ‘second city’, Birmingham, is also the second most valuable from a property market standpoint.

With an average house price of £209,000 and 445,000 total dwellings, Birmingham is home to a total housing market value of £93bn.

The Scottish capital, Edinburgh, ranks third with a total property stock value of £79bn, followed by Leeds (£76.5bn), Bristol (£63bn), Bournemouth (£58.5bn), Glasgow (£51bn), Sheffield (£49bn), Manchester (£49bn) and Liverpool (£39.5bn).

At the other end of the scale, Newport has a total housing stock value of just £14.5bn, followed by Aberdeen (£17.5bn), Sunderland (£17.5bn), Swansea (£20bn), and Portsmouth (£20bn).

Michael Bruce, CEO and Founder of the property platform responsible for the research, Boomin, says:

“London’s position as the UK’s top city is unlikely to be contested any time soon.

Such is the scale and value of the capital’s property market, it would take something quite extraordinary to dethrone it.

Birmingham has also firmly cemented itself as our true second city, at least where the sheer volume of housing stock is concerned.

The city has also enjoyed a large level of regeneration and investment and it’s likely that house prices will continue to climb over the coming years which will further boost the total value of the Birmingham property market.

While much has been made about the exodus of urban homebuyers to greener pandemic pastures, our major cities continue to act as the cornerstone of the property market and their size and value is only going to grow stronger, as our population increases and the next generation of homebuyers enters the market.”

City location Total dwelling stock (2020 latest) AveHP – Oct 2021 (latest) Est total value £
London 3,634,497 £516,285 £1,876,438,041,279
Birmingham 445,276 £209,245 £93,171,866,699
Edinburgh 248,314 £319,160 £79,251,884,172
Leeds 353,857 £216,280 £76,532,071,153
Bristol 201,940 £311,462 £62,896,643,913
Bournemouth 185,462 £315,049 £58,429,595,698
Glasgow 309,870 £164,483 £50,968,207,211
Sheffield 251,887 £194,325 £48,947,931,124
Manchester 231,000 £211,773 £48,919,459,304
Liverpool 231,504 £171,221 £39,638,261,028
Cardiff 153,365 £242,982 £37,264,949,460
Bradford 217,370 £164,807 £35,824,087,330
Leicester 138,196 £210,890 £29,144,130,587
Nottingham 140,477 £175,908 £24,711,041,363
Plymouth 120,243 £204,630 £24,605,363,195
Southampton 108,556 £222,134 £24,113,981,533
Belfast 159,869 £150,267 £24,023,103,431
Newcastle 133,057 £178,220 £23,713,491,869
Portsmouth 90,945 £224,185 £20,388,493,784
Swansea 112,072 £177,393 £19,880,819,105
Sunderland 129,353 £136,439 £17,648,757,800
Aberdeen 117,476 £148,708 £17,469,610,188
Newport 68,584 £212,365 £14,564,874,636
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