The Regulator of Social Housing reports that Salvation Army Housing Association has been placed on its gradings under review list today (28 January 2021).

Salvation Army Housing Association’s current grades are G2/V2.

The regulator notifies that a provider’s grading is under review when its compliant grade (G1 and G2 for governance, V1 or V2 for viability) is being investigated in relation to an issue which may result in a downgrade to a non-compliant grade (G3 or G4 for governance, V3 or V4 for viability).


The regulator is currently investigating matters which may impact on Salvation Army Housing Association’s compliance with the Governance and Financial Viability Standard.

The outcome of the investigation will be confirmed in a regulatory judgement, once completed.

The regulator’s gradings under review list and Salvation Army Housing Association’s regulatory judgements page are available on the website.

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