Lendlord is an online platform that helps landlords to manage, track and optimize their portfolio’s performance.

The impact of technology has become more apparent in recent weeks with it supporting many businesses of all sizes that have started to utilise a variety of systems and solutions to operate safely, securely and remotely where possible to combat Covid-19 restrictions. In short, technology helps to assist, influence and disrupt any number of overlapping market sectors.

In the buy to let sector, we are seeing a much greater proportion of landlords stating to embrace technology, especially these days.

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This is hardly surprising. After all, ‘smart’ technology has become a common feature in almost everything we do. Technology has changed the way in which many people go about their daily lives. When it comes to PropTech (property technologies), this is also changing the way landlords – large and small – gather, analyse and interpret data.

Working with PropTech tools such as Lendlord can help landlords realise exactly how their portfolios – and individual properties within this portfolio – are performing so that realtime decisions can be made according to the data at hand.

In addition to that, Increased levels of automation are critical for landlords in terms of understanding and accessing the available finance options as the BTL market changes so rapidly. You only have to take a look at the news pages of the trade press to see how many launches and criteria changes occur on a weekly basis across this dynamic sector.

And to track these without any AI or tech support is getting increasingly difficult for landlords. There is also the pressing issue of generating, collating and securely storing the necessary compliance and regulatory requirements in what is a different age from what many are used to.

Managing all portfolio details in a more efficient and secure manner can make a real difference to any landlord’s bottom line. Technology not only allows every small detail to be stored in the same place, but it also offers simpler insights into how portfolios are performing.

After all, it’s essential to know what your property portfolio is doing at all times, especially during a time when profit margins are being squeezed.

Technology platforms are not here to tell landlords what they should be doing. We’re simply here to recognise, understand and provide solutions for the new challenges they are facing.

We need to constantly adapt our role, so we stand shoulder to shoulder with landlords to ultimately improve their lives through the provision of access to a cost-effective range of digital tools, platforms and systems.

Utilising such tech enhancements will then allow landlords time and energy to do what they do best – follow the market trends, realise the value attached to their investments and diversify their portfolios accordingly.

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Aviram Shahar
Aviram Shahar - Co-Founder and CEO, Lendlord

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