The opportunity you have right now to start and scale in property will not come around for another 10 years…

I hope you and your family have been keeping safe during this time and thank you to those who have been helping to keep people safe and healthy.

In the Premier Property Community, we’ve already been expecting this economic change, we predict what is about to happen in advance (sounds too good to be true, but if you know us, you know how we do this)


This way, we are prepared and ready to profit from the opportunities that are now in the UK Property Market. Of course, there’s no financial, legal or tax advice in this article, just my perspective as a property investor and developer who has been active in the property market for the last 29 years.

At the moment, we have the lowest Bank of England Base rate since the Bank was set up in 1694. Finance is very cost effective right now. Banks are still lending (yes they are – please check with a whole of market mortgage broker), and deals are still going through.

Estate agents are currently sitting in three camps, and we know this because 88% of our deals at Premier Property come through estate agents, and we have continued on being active in property (following government guidelines) since lockdown was announced on 23rd March.

The first camp of estate agents have unfortunately given up, and gone out of business. The second camp are trying to keep up with the changes but are struggling. The third camp consists of agents who are proactive, and are actually growing right now, and that’s the type of agents you want to be getting in with right now.

Now is the time to get in, build these relationships, and move forward in property.

One of my biggest tips for you right now is don’t wait. Get informed now and start now.

During Lockdown, more millionaires and billionaires will be created than at any other time in the economic cycle, and people will look back at this moment we have right now as a missed opportunity.

They will kick themselves, because they would have Lost 10 years, £100,000s if not millions of pounds, and all that time to enjoy their life with the people they care about.

That’s a fact.

At the same time, during the coming months, more people will lose their jobs, income and properties than at any other time in the economic cycle.

That’s also a fact.

As Warren Buffet says, when others are greedy be fearful and when others are fearful be greedy.

So now’s the time to get in.

For those of you that don’t know me, I’ve been investing for over 29 years now. This will be my third recession I will be going through. Most people interested in property know that I’ve implemented and still do implement a variety of property investing strategies successfully, such as: buy to lets, HMOs, Permitted Developments, New Builds, Commercial Conversions, Title Splits & Serviced Accommodation. Yes, there is a Significant Multi-Million Pound Property Portfolio, but it wasn’t always like that (that’s a story for another day).

So my key takeaway message for you in today’s article is, don’t wait, get informed and start now.

Our aim at Premier Property is to help you to move forward in property. Due to the lockdown, we have been giving away valuable property resources you can use right now as gifts, for free, completely on us. If you would like access to these, please email hello@premierproperty.co.uk with the subject Landlord.

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Kam Dovedi - Premier Property Education

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