On the evening of June 30th the National Landlord Investment Show delivered the first Landlord Investor Hour.

The mission over the coming months is to explore key issues facing landlords and investors, drilling right down into the nitty gritty of common challenges and hearing expert advice for how to solve.

In many ways it’s similar to the Landlord Investor Club events, which are a distillation of content from the national shows, albeit online.

National Landlord Investment Show – MPU

Show founder and Landlord Investor Hour host Tracey Hanbury commented:

“Given we’ve not held a live show since 2019, we’re constantly looking for fresh and effective ways for speaking to our audience, and are delighted the Landlord Investor Hour pilot event was so successful.”

“We’ve had a fantastic response, with wonderful feedback and are delighted with the number of registrations.”

“We’d like to say a huge thank you to Simon Howitt and Acuity Professional for a great session and supporting the launch, and of course all the viewers who tuned in to watch.”

“We see ourselves as a beacon for the buy-to-let community and our aim now is to deliver a Landlord Investor Hour every other Wednesday at 7pm.”

“We already have a roster of excellent speakers keen to share their particular skill / insight and the gap between now and the return to live shows in October is the perfect space for this.”

Subscribe for updates to keep an eye on what’s in the pipeline at www.landlordinvestmentshow.co.uk/landlord-investor-hour, as always, Landlord Investment Show events are free to access, all you have to do is register.

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