A ground-breaking and digital property management platform has today gone live, while its extensive network of local agents now covers almost half the UK’s property hotspots including; Edinburgh, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Birmingham and London to name a few. Apropos, the bespoke property management solution and the essential landlord resource for delivering better tenancies can be accessed at www.apropos.app. The firm has recruited a national network of highly experienced agents covering 44% of the UK and is on track to expand further in the coming months.

Apropos enables landlords to track and manage their entire rental portfolio by monitoring all activity via an online dashboard that delivers complete visibility of all transactions. The dashboard is accessible 24/7 from their laptop, mobile device or desktop along with live notifications of all transactions as they happen.

Tenants can book viewings and provide feedback on the property, submit and track their full rental application online, pay their rent and book their check in date. In addition, they can report and monitor maintenance online during their tenancy.

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Apropos decided to launch the site despite the continued uncertainty caused by coronavirus. While the main focus for the firm remains the welfare and safety of staff, landlords and tenants during these difficult times, apropos felt that the platform, which has been three years in development, will set a new standard in property management and provide a focus for life beyond the current crisis. Prior to the launch of apropos, DJ Alexander secured £7million in funding from Santander UK in support of this venture and its future ambitions.

David Alexander joint managing director of apropos, commented: “Our day to day priorities remain the safety, security, and welfare of all our staff, landlords and tenants. We must operate in the most responsible and flexible way we can during these extraordinary times. But equally it is important to recognise that the coronavirus outbreak, despite the current lockdown and difficulties it is currently imposing on all of us, will not last forever.”

“We felt that our digital platform, which was designed to transform the rental experience, offers an innovative, hassle-free solution for both landlords and tenants. While day to day activities are undoubtedly being severely challenged at the moment, this will change. Everybody needs to be prepared for the end of this crisis and we want to be sure that when coronavirus subsides, we are ready for the next phase of our development.”

David continued: “We believe that our platform, which draws on our 40 years of experience in the letting sector, is the future for property management backed up by outstanding service from our apropos agents. We now have 44% of the UK covered by our apropos agents and will be extending our network to cover the largest 100 towns and cities in the country.”

David concluded: “Going live with the apropos platform now is simply our way of saying that we are looking forward to the time beyond the coronavirus outbreak and are prepared for the time when life and business return to normal.”

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