Following seven weeks of a government mandated lockdown with the country paralysed as we stay home to save lives – renters will now be able to resume moving home once again.

However, amid the current Covid-19 climate of social distancing, many will still feel cautious and uneasy at the prospect of physically viewing and entering potential new properties.

To resolve renter’s challenges and concerns around physical home viewings, Movebubble, the UK’s only video-first rental app, have launched their new innovative ‘Home Walkthroughs’ feature; a first of its kind property video viewing function which reduces the risk of moving home by removing the need to view a property in-person.

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What sets Movebubble apart from other traditional industry property platforms is it’s easy and efficient user experience and unique ability to instantly transact, allowing renters to find and secure a home in 30 seconds – complete with open banking affordability checks.

Aidan Rushby, CEO of Movebubble says: “Over the past 18 months, we’ve seen a staggering 1300% increase in our renters showing intent to virtually view or transact online, without having to physically go and view the property.

“We have noticed a seismic shift in rental behaviour, with a readiness to adopt new ways of moving by using mobile and video technology. In recent months, the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically accelerated this shift in consumer behaviour.”

Movebubble are looking to pave the way for the future of renting with the new Home Walkthroughs interactive content feature – which offers honest, trusted and unfiltered first-person virtual viewings via a mobile first platform, allowing renters to instantly view and secure a home – without ever having to step foot inside.

Rushby continues, “Life as we know it has permanently changed and social distancing is now the new norm. Our app allows renters to virtually step through different rooms in the property and view a series of short 15 – 45 sec video clips that are designed to connect with the consumer and offer a fully unfiltered viewing – with zero human contact.

Renters can watch the Home Walkthrough videos and utilise the instant chat function, simply hitting the ‘Rent It’ button to instantaneously chat to the partner and finalise any details.

“As we evolve and adapt to new ways of working and living, video viewings will become the norm, and pave the way to solve many of the problems around physical viewings, said Rushby.

“With our Home Walkthroughs function, we are looking to empower the renter – enabling them to confidently virtually view as many properties as they’d like, all from the safety and security of their current home and distil the rental process into just 30 seconds of swiping and tapping.

“This is the first of many innovations that will enable Movebubble to be the only platform to offer end to end support, including credit checks, contracts and in-property support.”

The past decade has seen a vast increase in the quality and popularity of video content consumed. Video’s bring a level of trust which traditional pictures can’t – especially in the rental market – as it’s easy to see where content has been edited or photoshopped, whereas Movebubble’s video Home Walkthroughs give honest and comprehensive, room-by-room virtual guides to prospective homes.

Movebubble make it their mission to always put the renter first and specialise in helping renters find their next home through the use of its mobile app – designed to make the whole process as hassle free as possible.

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