The rate of EU citizens moving to the UK has dropped by 44 per cent since the EU referendum was held in 2016, according to data published by reporting body Reallymoving.

When analysing over 100,000 international removals quotes, data from the property services comparison website indicated that there was a major decrease in EU nationals interested in relocating to the UK, since June 2016. Meanwhile, there was a notable rise in moves within and from the EU to the rest of the world during the same perod.

Rates of EU movers fell drastically from 42 per cent in June 2016 to 23 per cent in March, 2019. However, moves within the EU increased from 18 per cent to 28 per cent, while relocation from the EU to the rest of the world rose significantly from 16 per cent to 49 per cent, during the same period.

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The UK now receives 22 per cent of EU home movers, in comparison to the 66 per cent gained in June 2016, according to Reallymoving.

Reallymoving also reported a decline in the relocation to the UK from other European countries that do not belong to the EU, decreasing from 9 per cent down to 2 per cent in March of this year.

Concerns over UK’s future, post-Brexit

There are growing concerns in the minds of EU nationals over Britain’s future, including their rights to work, healthcare and the end of free movement.

CEO of Reallymoving, Rob Houghton commented on this recent analysis: “The Withdrawal Agreement, as it stands, would bring the free movement of people to an end, making it more difficult and expensive for EU workers to come to the UK.

“This has clearly had a significant impact on the decisions people have made about where to settle over the last almost three years, dramatically reducing the flow of people from the continent into the UK.

“Uncertainty over our jobs market and the rights of EU workers in the UK, as well as British citizens in Europe, is encouraging EU residents to look for opportunities elsewhere, in countries where they can settle without the risk of upheaval in the near future.”

Mr Houghton also added: “Movers from the rest of the world now account for three quarters of all moves to the UK.”

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Pia provides Property Notify readers with her insights into the UK property market, through her reporting on the social impact of various housing policies. She also specialises in covering the relationship between immigration and housing, as well as investigating loopholes in the market and concerns voiced by landlords and tenants.

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