The Regulator of Social Housing has launched a consultation) today (9 December 2021) on tenant satisfaction measures.

The proposed TSMs would provide data about social housing landlords’ performance and the quality of their services.

This is intended to help tenants hold their landlord to account and help RSH in its future consumer regulation role, as part of implementing the package of changes to consumer regulation set out in the Social Housing White Paper.

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TSMs will apply to all social housing landlords, including local authorities, housing associations and other registered social housing providers.

The consultation sets out 22 proposed TSMs for consultation across the five themes in the White Paper:

  • keeping properties in good repair
  • maintaining building safety
  • effective complaints handling
  • respectful and helpful tenant engagement, and
  • responsible neighbourhood management.

They include both tenant perception measures, collected through landlords’ surveys of tenants, and landlord management information measures.

The details of the draft measures have been shaped by early discussions with stakeholders, including tenants and landlords.

Alongside the proposed TSMs, and the detailed proposals for their collection and measurement, RSH has also published the draft text for the consumer standard which would require landlords to collect, publish and submit information about their performance against the TSMs.

RSH is now seeking views on its TSM proposals from landlords, tenants and anyone with an interest in social housing by 3 March 2022.

Fiona MacGregor, Chief Executive of RSH said:

“Our proposed tenant satisfaction measures aim to give clear and comparable data about the quality of services tenants in social housing receive.

We want them to be a valuable source of information for tenants, local communities, and landlords as well as forming part of the wider picture that informs our consumer regulation.

By consulting now, we can take into account the views of tenants, landlords and other stakeholders to refine the final measures and also allow time for local authorities, housing associations and other social housing providers to prepare for their implementation.”

The TSM consultation is available on the RSH website.

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