The founders of the National Landlord Investment Show and the Landlord Investment Magazine have partnered with other leading professionals in the property sector to launch a new industry news and investment platform, Property Notify.

The site offers readers an online news source covering both the UK residential and commercial real estate sectors, with a focus on providing property investors and real estate professionals with objective, engaging and comprehensive insights into the property market.

Publishing daily onto its first-class news hosting platform, Property Notify will gather, curate and disseminate information from a number of important industry sources. These include government bodies; banks and mortgage lenders; market research companies and housing associations, to name a few. Topics covered will range from breaking news on political changes affecting the industry to featured investment opportunities.

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Property Notify will strive to deliver up to date, accurate and informative news, as well as feature articles and commentary to provide clear, relevant and contextualised information about the changing landscape of the UK property sector. These articles, developed by writers and journalists with a keen understanding of the industry, will fall broadly into three main property categories: investment, tax and finance – providing articles of the highest calibre, original quotes, exclusive interviews and five-star property investment deals.

On the announcement of the site, Steve Hanbury, co-director of the Landlord Investment Show and co-founder of Property Notify, commented: “This site is our latest project to provide the sector with genuinely valuable information during an important time of change for the nation. Throughout Brexit, there has been a lot of coverage about the impact on various sectors – with the real estate sector grabbing a lot of headlines.

“We hope to provide investors and professionals in the sector with timely, accurate and reliable information so that they can act with confidence and perspective.”

Tracey Hanbury, co-director of the Landlord Investment Show and co-founder of Property Notify, commented: “Now is a crucial time for property investors to be completely informed. From regional house price variations to changing government housing standards and building policies, there are many advantages of having greater insight into these important issues for those with investments in the real estate sector.

“In short, having as much knowledge as possible is the best way to navigate these choppy waters, and this is something we would like to offer our readers through the launch of our online news outlet, Property Notify.”

Joe Alexander, director and co-founder of Property Notify commented: “The exciting opportunities in the UK real estate sector often get downplayed these days, due to various reasons such as Brexit and economic uncertainty. This is a shame because there’s actually a huge amount to celebrate today, including great investment opportunities across several segments of the market and new developments taking place across the nation.

“As the UK property sector evolves, there are sure to be ample opportunities for all kinds of investors, and this is what we want to showcase with Property Notify.”

The site will also offer advertisers the chance to reach a substantial number of engaged readers with a genuine interest in products and services related to the property sector. Companies can choose to gain marketing exposure through article and press release publication, as well as banner ad displays and email marketing campaigns across Property Notify’s extensive distribution network.

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Jim Kersey
Jim focuses on the socio-economic impact of housing. His reporting for Property Notify often touches on topics such as changes in sentiment among investors in various housing sectors, as well as the impact of various developments on the average person.

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