Odevo, the international residential property management group continues its rapid growth with the addition of Pinnacle Property Management (PPM) in the UK.

With PPM joining Odevo, following on The Vegner Group’s recent addition to the group, Odevo’s homes under management have now reached 1.1 million globally.

Under the leadership of CEO Mike Moore, Pinnacle Property Management has assembled an impressive team of close to 100 professionals dedicated to delivering exceptional service.

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Pinnacle Property Management is a leading player in the Southern regions of the UK, overseeing the management of over 24,000 homes and fostering strong partnerships with diverse clients, including residential management companies (RMCs) and national developers.

Pinnacle’s inclusion now elevates the total Odevo family employee count to over 5,300.

Odevo CEO Daniel Larsson said:

“By welcoming Pinnacle Property Management, we have further enhanced our constellation of strong UK property management companies within the Odevo Group.

Together, we look forward to delivering industry-leading service to our customers driven by the power of people and technology.

Our expansion continues to go from strength-to-strength meaning additional resources and expertise within the group, helping us to push the boundaries of excellence in residential property management.”

Odevo’s mission is to become the leading force in the residential property management sector by leveraging the combined power of people and technology.

As Odevo expands its UK footprint, the group sees a tremendous opportunity to assist property owners and residents across the region.

Odevo intends to continue its growth trajectory in support of its aspiration to deliver industry-leading service to homeowner associations throughout Europe and the United States.

Odevo has a unique approach to building a leading international property management group by empowering strong teams and companies while driving value creation across the group.

As part of the group, companies like PPM can gain the opportunity to leverage their unique strengths and expertise, all while benefiting from the collective resources and support by Odevo in crucial areas such as technology, financial services, people and performance, and compliance – among others.

This holistic approach provides access to technical and operational resources, all of which significantly enhance the value provided to clients, assisting them in navigating the increasingly intricate realm of residential property management in a cost-effective manner.

Pinnacle Property Management CEO Mike Moore said:

“We share Odevo’s culture, values, and ambition for employee development.

By joining Odevo, we can elevate the customer experience and drive innovation throughout the entire property management industry together.”

Odevo plans to continue its strong growth journey, both organically and by attracting additional companies to join the group.

This approach has propelled Odevo to secure leading positions in Sweden, Finland, the United Kingdom, and the United States in just a few years.

The partnership with Pinnacle Property Management underscores Odevo’s dedication to this mission and sets the stage for a future marked by sustained growth and continued success.

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