The Home Builders Federation (HBF) has unveiled a comprehensive plan titled ‘Homebuilding: An Engine for Growth, Prosperity, and Opportunity’, detailing crucial measures for the next government to address the escalating housing crisis in the UK.

Amidst a backdrop of plummeting housing supply, a cumbersome planning system, and widespread moratoriums due to nutrient neutrality, the house building industry is struggling to meet the nation’s housing needs. The HBF’s blueprint outlines priority policies organized into five key themes:

1. Housing the Nation: Homes to Meet the Country’s Needs

  • First-Time Buyer Scheme: Introduction of a targeted scheme for first-time buyers.
  • Section 106 Units: Action to resolve issues with uncontracted section 106 units.
  • Housing for Older People: Requirement for local planning authorities to assess housing demand for older populations.
  • Green Mortgages and Stamp Duty: Expansion of green mortgages and abolition of stamp duty for homes with an A or B EPC rating.

2. Increasing Housing Supply: Establishing a Clearer Policy Landscape

  • Mandatory Housing Targets: Reinstatement of mandatory housing targets and the Five Year Housing Land Supply.
  • Standard Method of Housing Need: Reform of the standard method.
  • 10-Year Housing Plan: Introduction of a long-term housing plan.
  • Green Belt Review: A comprehensive review of the green belt.

3. Fixing the Planning Process: Tackling Systemic Issues

  • Planning Application Fees: Ringfencing fees for planning purposes.
  • Reserved Matters Submissions: Increasing thresholds for committee determinations.
  • Development of Small Sites: Presumption in favor of development for small sites.
  • National Development Management Policies: Acceleration of implementation.

4. Unblocking the Housing Pipeline: Addressing Nutrient Neutrality

  • Legislation for Homes on Hold: Legislation to unblock 160,000 homes currently halted.
  • Nutrient Mitigation Calculator: Review of the mitigation calculator by Natural England.
  • Planning Permissions Extension: Extension for sites impacted by nutrient neutrality issues.
  • Water Company Accountability: Requiring transparency on developer fees and network investment.

5. Greener Growth: Building High Quality, Sustainable Homes

  • Talent Pipeline for Low-Carbon Housing: Development of a roadmap for necessary talent.
  • Industrial Training Board Review: Publication and implementation of recommendations.
  • Apprenticeship Levy Reform: Reform of the levy.
  • Consumer Code and Ombudsman: Implementation of a single mandatory consumer code and access to the New Homes Ombudsman.

Neil Jefferson, Managing Director at the Home Builders Federation, stated:

LIS Show – MPU

“Today we present a blueprint for how the next Government can deliver on its housing ambitions. Amidst an acute housing crisis, house building is falling, deepening social divides, costing jobs, and damaging economies up and down the country.

“If politicians grasp the nettle and introduce positive policy changes, house builders are ready to deliver.

“The causes of the housing crisis are many and varied, but inevitably the consequences are fewer opportunities for young people and a more divided society. The election presents an opportunity to fundamentally tackle this growing emergency.

“Building the homes needed would give the country a huge economic boost, create tens of thousands of jobs, and help provide the high-quality, energy-efficient housing our population needs.”


For a detailed list of policy recommendations, please visit HBF Policy Manifesto

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