As the Bank of England predicts a challenging two-year slump, rapidly increasing levels of inflation and the devastating consequences of inflation in 2022 are still unravelling in 2023.

However, significant opportunities do still await investors as markets are predicted to lead the economic recovery into 2024.

So, regardless of whether your objective is to save for retirement, generate passive income, or even preserve or create wealth, you need to work within an investment strategy designed around your long-term goals, risk tolerance and investing style.

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As such, achieving the right blend and balance of diverse asset classes is vital for a strong portfolio designed to mitigate risk and improve capital appreciation.

The juxtaposition of buying stocks and property investment is an excellent way to begin highlighting differences and deciding between these two particular types of investments.

When it comes to property, you can either generate passive returns by buying and holding or by fixing and flipping.

Investing in stocks demands a more hands-off approach involving fewer upfront costs. Either way, the value of maintaining diverse portfolios during volatile periods to reduce the impact of underperforming remains more important than ever before.

Rising to the Challenge

As markets continue to swing, the award-winning boutique investment partnership, Orange River Wealth is rising to the challenge and continuing to source innovative opportunities in the most exciting emerging market sectors.

After identifying the medicinal cannabis market as one with immense potential, London-headquartered Orange River Wealth, via its wholly-owned subsidiary Orange River Capital, has reached an agreement to purchase 49% of a fully licensed, operational medicinal cannabis facility in South Africa.

Cannabis consumption is an activity evocative of drug dependence, criminal gangs, factories and emotionally drained buy-to-let landlords weeding out nefarious tenants.

However, by comparison, the medical cannabis market is a legitimate global agribusiness, as stringently regulated as its young.

Legalised in over 50 countries, cannabidiol (CBD) has vast potential and is already being used in the wellness, beauty and cosmetic industries along with foodstuffs, supplements, beverages and even pet care.

Unlike marijuana—the gateway drug that poses a serious risk of abuse, medical-grade cannabis is prescribed by NHS doctors and is produced under tightly controlled conditions within legislative procedures.

Moreover, it doesn’t create a high or the commonly anticipated psychoactive state of euphoria.

Investor Euphoria

As economists forecast another tumultuous year and in the face of more and more countries supporting and finalising the legalisation of medicinal-grade cannabis, there’s never been a better time to create your own euphoria and build an entirely different investment approach.

Choosing the right places to invest will naturally help you ride out the storm, which is why Orange River Wealth is now offering capital partners the opportunity to participate in this best-in-class, exponential growth investment opportunity.

With a projected valuation of over $150 Million USD, the South African operational facility has exclusive rights as a fully licensed cultivator and producer of legal cannabis for use in the pharmaceutical industry.

Leading the way in pioneering new investment opportunities, Orange River Wealth applies meticulous research, corporate insight and a client-centric focus.

For more information surrounding investment opportunities in this progressive market sector, please contact +44 (0) 207 769 6722 or visit https://orangeriverwealth.com/ to learn more.

Tara Denholm-Smith
Tara Denholm-Smith is Editorial Coordinator for Orange River Wealth LLP, a boutique investment partnership headquartered in Mayfair, London. Drawing on the decades of experience and global network of our team, we are committed to sourcing innovative opportunities in the most exciting emerging market sectors.
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    Tara Denholm-Smith
    Tara Denholm-Smith, Editorial Coordinator for Orange River Wealth LLP

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